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Building Community Around Your Brand

Internship Opportunities

The Creative Company is looking to hire TWO graphic design interns and ONE PR and Social Media intern for the upcoming fall 2014 semester. Graphic Design candidates will work first hand with our design team on projects such as website creation and design, print advertisements, social media material, and more. PR and Social Media candidates will be working with our team to create social media campaigns, write press releases, pitch story ideas, and more. We want interns who are off the wall, creative, and self motivated. Candidates are expected to be friendly, work well in a team environment, understand the importance of a good critique, and be self-motivated. As an intern at The Creative Company, you will work on real projects with actual clients providing support to senior level designers, developers, PR and video professionals. You will gain experience in the agency world as well as assignments that will help build your portfolio and/or resume. This isn’t just your “coffee making” internship: this is real life experience.

For PR and Social Media Intern:  


  • Creation of social media contests, advertisements, designs and overall management.
  • Ability to manage multiple social media platforms at one time including but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Hootsuite, and Instagram.
  • Analysis of social media results and ability to interpret results.
  • Calling/sending pitches to News outlets.
  • Creation of e-mail marketing campaigns and template design.
  • Work closely with our PR professionals.


  • Junior/Senior/Recent Grads
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Ability to work with minimal guidance, multi-task, and meet deadlines
  • Experience with daily writing, strong editing ability, and dedicated work ethic
  • Professional written and spoken communication
  • Creativity and attention to detail 
  • Following industry-related news on approved online publications
  • Proficient knowledge and understanding of common social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Youtube, Yelp, online outreach, partnership marketing, as well as new design technologies

For Graph Design Intern: 


  • Image and photograph editing and creation
  • Graphic Web Design, print advertisements, and marketing materials
  • Clear comprehension of basic web page and social media advertisements
  • Content and graphic management as it relates to SEO
  • Work closely with our Art and Design team to generate high quality content creation


  • Junior/Senior/Recent Grads
  • Strong organizational skills are a must
  • Ability to work with minimal guidance, multi-task, and meet deadlines
  • Proficiency with the Adobe Creative Suite, particularly Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience in graphic design and advertising design
  • A creative artistic flair and attention to details
  • Strong work ethic and serious interest in graphic design
  • Proficient knowledge and understanding of common social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Youtube, Yelp, online outreach, partnership marketing, as well as new design technologies

This opportunity is paid and would start immediately. A portfolio with previous writing/design samples is preferred but not required.  All applicants should send their resumes to laura@thecreativecompany.com

Good Luck! 

Everyone at The Creative Company




We recently shot this video for Tim Metcalfe and the World’s Largest Brat Fest.  In it, Tim tells the story about his family’s commitment to this community and invites viewers to be a part of it.  It was shot here at The Creative Company in studio space on the third floor of the former Gisholt Manufacturing Building.  Emmy Award winning producer Marv Turner directed the video with Art Director KT Arneson producing.  


Be Human. Tell Great Stories.

This blog post is from Laura Gallagher’s Social Media Breakfast presentation in March.


If you talk to Laura Gallagher or connect with her online, be prepared to be entertained. Laura is a story teller. In person, online, it doesn’t matter. When Laura communicates, she tells stories.

And that, she will share, is the key to successful social media: Be human. Tell great stories.

LauraSquare_126px“I am here today to share with you the power of a great story,” she told participants Wednesday (February 19, 2014) at the Social Media Breakfast at CUNA Mutual Insurance Group facility on the West Side of Madison. “I am a writer and I understand the power of putting story elements into what you are writing.”

Laura knows. She founded The Creative Company in 1989 as a senior in college. At first it was a simple public relations firm but over the years it evolved.

“Five years ago I had an epiphany,” she said. “I grew the business but I wasn’t very happy because I am a writer. So I rewrote the business plan and jumped on social media very strong.” Today, The Creative Company also provides email marketing, website design, social media and events, all while focusing on “building community” around brands.

No matter the medium, she said, “We are all about user engagement.”

“I always try to think of a person when I am posting.”

So what are the key elements to a great story? Laura was not only willing but anxious to share:

  • A strong theme
  • A fascinating plot
  • Unforgettable characters
  • A well-chosen setting
  • An appealing style.

Before you post, she said, ask yourself, Will what I am about to post:

  • Create engagement?
  • Make the audience smarter?
  • Look out for the interests of my audience?
  • Be convenient and easy to access?
  • Give readers something to talk about?

Laura shared insight into a variety of individuals and businesses that are meeting those standards, ranging from Madison businessman Tim Metcalfe to Tom’s Shoes to Moosejaw Mountaineering, toLawnBott, and more. In each case, she said, they connect with people, tell stories, show their human side, and incorporate humor into their social media interactions.

Telling stories is fun, but it’s important to keep it fresh, she said. “I think the best stories are always changing. Rework it every once in a while. Make sure it’s not getting stale.”

Written by Bill Hurley, (@billhurleymedia / billhurleymedia.com / beachmaniac.com) editor, writer, social media strategist, digital publisher. BillHurleyMail@gmail.com.



Giving Tuesday

At The Creative Company, it is our highest goal to use our gifts and talents to be difference-makers in the community in which we live, work and play. This year, Laura Gallagher, our president and CEO, joined the board of the Samaritan Counseling Center of Southern Wisconsin. The Center offers professional, compassionate counseling services to people in varying financial and life circumstances.

To help the center raise much-needed funds, we’ve sent out a cool, animated email to our colleagues and friends in the Madison area. Click this link - http://bit.ly/1eSEsvX - to view.

Together, we can heal the community and make a difference.



  1. Drives more people to your site because people like video!
  2. Potential customers spend more time on your site because it creates a connection.
  3. Video enhances the user experience and makes them want to know more!
  4. Converts “looky loos” into real clients or customers.
  5. Provides access to “you” – 24 hours, 7 days/wk.
  6. Puts you light years ahead of your competition.
  7. Enhances the possibility of viral marketing.
  8. Increases online awareness of your company.
  9. Harnesses the power of online exposure!
  10. Makes your company LOOK AND FEEL leading edge!
  11. Helps you capitalize on the emergence of new media!
  12. Attracts the clients who want to work with you!

Learn about Creative Cloud’s New Features and the Affordable Care Act

Madison’s Web Design and Development Meetup will be on Wednesday, Oct. 23 at The Creative Company, 100 S Baldwin, Suite 201.  Social time starts at 6pm, followed by presentations at 6:30pm.

Kevin Stohlmeyer, Adobe Community Professional and Certified Instructor, will be on hand to talk about the new features in Adobe Creative Cloud products, including syncing, Typekit integration, and Behance integration.

But wait there’s more! 

Lori Compas of the Wisconsin Business Alliance will give a short presentation on the Affordable Care Act - aka “Obamacare.” The law will affect small business, startups and freelancers alike, so join us to find out how the changes may affect you.

The meetup starts at 6pm, presentations at 6:30pm. 

The Creative Company
100 S Baldwin, Suite 201
Madison, WI 53703


A snip of our video work — more than 1,000 views in a short time! Forward Lymphoma is doing great work on bringing a team approach to lymphoma research, and we’re so pleased to be on THEIR team! 


Gallagher Named to Board of Directors of Samaritan Counseling Center

Laura Gallagher, President and CEO of The Creative Company, was recently named to the Board of Directors of the Samaritan Counseling Center of Southern Wisconsin.  

Gallagher is a leading marketer who has served on a number of community boards including the Madison Ballet and Fellowship of Christian Athletes as well as a national industry board, the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association. She also donates her time and talent to both The River Food Pantry and the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County.

"The work they are doing at the Samaritan Counseling Center is of immense value to our community. While many support them, resources limit the amount of work they are able to do. I am looking forward to shining a light on what’s possible when people have access to great mental health services and urging educators, lawmakers, healthcare professionals and religious organizations to get involved and help remove the stigma of mental illness."  

Since 1993, the Samaritan Counseling Center of Southern Wisconsin has offered professional, compassionate counseling services to people in varying financial and life circumstances. Their multidisciplinary staff of clergy, licensed professional counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists provides services to individuals, couples, and families. The Samaritan Counseling Center of Southern Wisconsin is supported by congregations of 40 denominations and faith groups and also serves people who do not claim a religious affiliation. It is a state-certified Mental Health Clinic with national accreditation from both the National Samaritan Institute and Lutheran Services in America, making it one of the few organizations to have dual national accreditation. 

The Samaritan Counseling Center accepts many insurance carriers and offers self-pay and sliding-scale fees. 

The National Samaritan Institute was established in 1972 and now includes nearly 500 Samaritan Counseling Centers throughout the United States. It was founded when a parish pastor, a physician, and a seminary professor observed that by working together, ministers, therapists, and physicians were very effective in helping people with stress-related problems. This team approach became the foundation of the Samaritan program. Samaritan counselors believe that there is a close relationship of mind, body, spirit and community, and that optimal health care involves consideration of all four.

For more information about the Samaritan Counseling Center and how you can get involved, please visit www.samritancounselingcenterwi.org or contact Executive Director Dr. Dan Feaster at 608-663-0763

For nearly a quarter of a century, The Creative Company has been bringing great stories to the marketplace and generating real results for clients. The agency’s integrated approach has resulted in numerous industry awards as well as being named twice in the last decade as one of the best places to work in Dane County and as a finalist for the Torch Award for Business Ethics and Integrity by the Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin. 

For more information about The Creative Company, please visit www.thecreativecompany.com or contact President Laura Gallagher at 608-442-6336.